Thursday, August 30, 2012


Know that seduction is a game of psychology, not beauty. It is within the grasp of any person to master it. All that is required is that you look at the world through the eye of a seducer. Never be self-absorbed. Gaze directly outward, not inward. When you meet someone, your first move should be to get inside that person's skins, see the world through their eyes. Self absorption is a sign of insecurity and insecurity is anti-seductive.
Everyone has insecurities, but successful seducers manage to ignore them. This gives them a buoyant spirit.
Getting into someone's skin, imagining what it is like to be them, helps you gather valuable information, learn what makes that person tick, what will make them lose their ability to think straight and fall into your trap. {Excerpted from: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene}
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