Thursday, August 30, 2012


There are nine seducer types in the world. Each type has a particular character trait that comes from deep within and create a seductive pull.
1.CHARMERS:want and know how to please i.e. they are social beings.
2.NATURALS:are spontaneous and open.
3.IDEAL LOVERS:have an aesthetic sensibility that they apply to romance.
4.CHARISMATICS:have an unusual confidence in themselves.
5.STARS:are ethereal and envelop themselves in mystery.
6.COQUETTES:are self-sufficient, with a fascinating cool at their core.
7.SIREN:have an abundance of sexual energy and knows how to use it.
8.RAKES:insatiably adore the opposite sex, and their desire is very infectious.
9.DANDIES:like to play with their image, creating a striking and androgynous allure.
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