Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to seduce women without saying a word

Being able to seduce a woman is NOT one of the things that most men are particularly good at. There are subtle little things that you have to know in order to properly seduce a woman. And the truth is, men will often overlook the subtle things that can make all of the difference. And this is why most guys will fail to seduce a woman, no matter how hard that they try. This does not have to be YOUR story. You can learn the seduction secrets that will allow you to seduce a woman much more easily.

So, what are these seduction secrets that will allow you to seduce a woman without saying a word?

1. Your body language is the key. Most people are unaware that body language makes up much more of a woman's impression of a man than conversation does. Your body language should not only send out a sexual vibe with women, it should also project your confidence and alpha male qualities that women find so appealing. You have to know that women can decide very quickly in what category they will put a man. Friend or possibly much more. And your body language is often what will make the difference.

2. You have to show some social proof. This can easily elevate your social standing in a woman's eyes. And women do put a lot of weight on your perceived social standing. This is why so many men with "power positions" can find that women are very attracted to them. You can do this by being around other women. This will show that you are an in demand guy. And women absolutely love this trait if you do have it.

Being able to seduce a woman is NOT something that every man is born knowing how to do. You have to learn how to seduce women and you have to understand what it is that triggers a woman's sexual attraction.
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