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When someone heart is broken, life becomes colorless, food loses taste, bright sunshine filled days look as gray and as bleak as rainy days. It is a rough road to travel and truthfully most adults have traveled it at least once. Some never made it, there are sorrows too big to bear for some people. Don't let that happen to you.
Instead of getting emotional, which will devastate your chances of reconciliation, be agreeable, tell your ex that you think breaking up may be best option for both of you. Remember he/she is leaving because he/shes had it with your behavior and he/she is expecting you to blow a cork and start going nuts. He/she expects it, think this through and get your mind around it, your ex expects you to become emotional and make a bunch of promises and maybe even throw things around, or worse. You can immediately change the break-up dynamic by remaining calm and saying that you have actually been thinking along the same line, a break-up will allow us some space, this relationship was not really working for me and now I see it hasn't been working for you either".

Now, Take some time, a few weeks may be a month and give your ex time to go out and get their head figured out a little bit, to get to a place where they can hash out what has been going on. Same goes for you, heck you might even find that a break-up really is what you do need. Some space to think and evaluate where you want to go with your life will let you make a more rational decision.

Don't quit reading, Hear me out, you just planted the seed of doubt in their mind as soon as you reacted calmly to their leaving, your ex is thinking "wow I thought he/she was gonna freak out, maybe..", you see he/she is going to lose some of that confidence that they made the right decision then and there. That uncertainty will work on them over the next few weeks.

During your time apart analyze what the problems were and if you need to, get some counseling to help you figure out what went wrong. Learn how to change those things about your behavior that you can fix. Don't allow yourself to become isolated, this is a very tough time for you and you need family and friends around you. If you cut them off you could end up in a terrible and dangerous depression. In fact as part of your personal therapy make yourself go see some one you haven't seen for a while, an old high school chum or other person you really would like to touch base with but have been unable to do so for some time now.

The exercise is to get you out and keep you moving if you are asked to go out to parties go, but don't get wasted this is a time for reflection. Just sip your drinks and stop after three or so. You have to be careful not to go falling of the edge right now.

Now if you truly had some character flaws, something you know you could work on that was maybe the central problem with your ex then as you are making those changes, you can let it get out to their side of the family that your making progress. You don't ask them to tell him/her, you just let them know your changing your game. The news will get back to your ex sooner or later.

In most cases, you won't have to wait long before your ex calls you, I mean in less than a week, maybe it will take longer, but they will probably call you, if you have played it cool and not gone crazy or got all emotional. You start crying and begging them to stay, they will hate you. But if you stayed cool then your ex will eventually call you. When they do, don't get all excited and try to get together right away, that will not work, that will undo that hard work you've done being cool when they left you. Instead keep you conversation short tell them your glad they called but you are in the middle of something and you have to go, or better tell them your going to be tied up for the next few days could they call you back in four or five days. Now they are going to be scratching their head saying "whats up? what have I done"

The ball and the power get back on your side, you start appearing to your ex to be more attractive and desirable that way. So play it cool after this contact they will call you again, keep it short again but show her that you are interested by talking to her for about five minutes and then say you gotta go. From now on your busy you can only talk a few minutes finally your ex will desperately want you back.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Seduce Mature Men

Do you want to be a master to manage matured men? If you do, you must be familiar with following skills, and then you will know how to seduce a matured man successfully all the time.

First, prepare special perfume, making it seduce beautiful memories. Women should choose a kind of special perfume at every important moment in the lifetime, because the memory of the fragrance is everlasting. Therefore, you should not change the fragrance easily since you meet that matured man you favor, and men are always crazy about that fragrance, and the fragrance could also record stories between you even when you part with each other.

Second, make a sexy lip for him. Men like women to apply lipsticks, and red lipstick is one of the sexiest signals which women use, and women also make use of red lipstick without exceptions at all while they are passing strong sexual information.

Third, if you want to seduce a matured man, you could also try applying sexy nail polish. It is known to all that female hands are one of feminine features, and nail polish could make female hands sexier. Men could not refuse this seduction at all if you stretch out your hands with sex nail polish.

Fourth, all men would like women to have a sexy figure, but not all women could satisfy them. However, now women could turn to sexy lingerie for help. Sexy lingerie could not only make women sexy but also make women charming and feminine, and you could surprise the man greatly with the help of sexy lingerie even though you do not have a good figure originally.

Fifth, nearly in every county all over the world, big eyes are one of features for beauties. Makeup could make eyes bigger and more charming. If you want to seduce a matured man successfully, you could make use of charming eyes by means of eye makeup. When women are flapping their long eyelashes and are looking at men, nobody could refuse this kind of charm at all. Some women regard makeup as the mask to cover their shortcomings instead of a measure to make them more charming and more mysterious. We should know that men would like women to have natural makeup instead of thick one.

Therefore, as long as you manage several skills said above, you could master men who are also willing to be mastered by you.

Just actions and try your charm now, and you will find that you could seduce a matured men easily

Monday, June 17, 2013

How To Retrieve A Lover With Strong Voodoo Spell

If you long for the return of a lost lover... if you are heartsick and lonely and despondent... there is something you can do about it!

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Your heart will tell you that a life-changing experience has occurred!! Soon, this person could wake up and realize the love and friendship and happiness you have to offer... and he or she could want to be with you forever.

The seeds will be planted to break the barriers of stubbornness, of bitterness, of blindness--and replace them with feelings of warmth and love for you.

If you truly care for this person and are willing to do anything necessary for their return, we urge you to have a "Retrieve a Lover" spell cast on your behalf.

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On the night of the 19th, I dreamt that my mobile phone rang and the caller ID indicated that it was him. But tonight, (the 21st), it really was him calling. I cannot believe it!

I haven't spoken to him in 6 months and had given up hope that I would ever him from again. But tonight, just 3 days after you cast a spell, he rang me. I now realise that there is hope after all - just as you said there would be - and I wanted to thank you so much for making this happen...

I truly believe you have brought the two of us back together.

With all my very best wishes and thanks to you...

Port Harcourt

Friday, June 7, 2013

How To Tell If You Have Found The Right Person

Since the advent of the Internet, online dating seems to be the next generation of falling in love and getting married.

Love is such a wonderful thing that when shared by two people, the feelings become mutual and the gratifications achieved. All of these are established during the start of dating.

Dating becomes the primary selection ground for people who wish to end up with somebody they can grow old with. It provides them the means to find the right person whom they can share their sentiments, their feelings, problems, etc.

Normally, the stages of dating illustrate continuous experiences. As the couple proceeds on the next level, they get to know another chapter in their matexs life.

However, even if it seems that two people are already mutual with regards to their feelings, there are instances that one of them would ask if their mate is the right person for them. They can feel that they are happy as of the moment but when the concept of finding the right person sinks in; a lot of questions take place.

Even if everything seems to be in perfect condition and that dates are always pleasurable and gratifying, no one can be sure if his or her mate is the right person unless he or she will make extra effort to analyze the situation and the person he or she is currently involved with.

So, for people who wish to know if the person they are dating right now is the right person or if what they are doing is right or wrong, here are some tips on how to identify the real score of the person they are dealing with.

1. It would be better for an individual to assess his or her feelings about the other person.

In order to know if an individual has already found the right person, it is best to assess their feelings towards the other person.

For example, an individual should try to identify the other personxs qualities. These qualities that can usually be seen everyday with the person would mean that these are the same qualities that the concerned individual has to deal with.

Hence, it would be better to assess if the concerned individual likes what he or she is seeing or if they can tolerate the personality of the other person.

In the event that the other person has some qualities that are not that desirable, it would be better for the individual to be sure of their feelings about the unlikely behavior. If they think that they can withstand and endure those things even if it will not change, chances are, they have found the right person.

The other person may not literally be righteous but the fact that the concerned individual can accept whatever the other person is, then, it must be love.

2. If the concerned person will get to accept the other personxs faults or shortcomings not because of some hopes that someday he or she will change, then, it must be the right person.

One should realize that accepting somebody should never be conditional. This means that when a person accepts someone who has qualities not included in his or her concept of an ideal mate, he or she should not pose some conditions or expects something regarding future changes.

Because if this is the basis of acceptance, chances are, the concerned individual will only be disappointed in the future and will only make matters worst.

3. If there are no obstacles that will in time kill the flame of love, then, it must be the right person.

If in the event that an individual finds somebody and they feel that the relationship is finally the real thing, it would still be better to assess if there will be no more impediments that would curb the growth of a wonderful relationship.

This simply means that the person should be sure that there will be no elements or factors that will trigger some problems on their relationship in the future like vices, addiction, family problems, previous relationships, etc.

If the coast is clear, then, the concerned person had finally found his or her right mate and that in time the relationship will flourish and be successful.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that love is not 100% perfect. People should realize that there are no such things as perfect people. As humans, people are susceptible to mistakes, imperfections, flaws, and whatever weaknesses man is destined to entail in his or her personality.

So, the best thing to use when identifying the right person is careful analysis of the individual as a whole and not just the physical attributes where substantial attraction is usually based from.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How To Deal With Being Single

Break-ups SUCK. But, everyone gets over their breakups. This article will teach you how

1. Think about it. Now, you don't have to worry about jealousy with other girls/guys. No more awkward dates, no more bad kisses

2. YOU ARE FREE!!! Enjoy it. YOU ARE FREE!!! Enjoy it. You can flirt with WHOEVER YOU WANT without feeling bad.

3. If you hear about him/her, or see him/her with another girl/guy, don't freak out. If you hear about him/her, or see him/her with another girl/guy, don't freak out. The guy/girl is a total jerk and doesn't deserve you. Just think about how clueless your ex's new partner is and forget about it.

4. Think about the mistake they made. You are obviously a good person because your sad and you want help. You have real feelings, while they do not. How far do you think they are going to get in life when they just dump around brilliant people like you?


*Find new people. Makes friends, makes new boyfriends/girlfriends. This is a guide on how to cope with being single, not how to stay single forever.
*Keep up your image.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Get More Intimate Without Having Sex

1. One of many things you can do to be more intimate is to play games with each other that you and just a friend would never play. For example, you want to make a kiss more interesting by kissing in different areas like their neck.

2. Tease your partner! Just be sure that your partner knows it is just a joke and has some sense of humor to digest the tease!

3. For women: Steal his wallet while you two are kissing. (This is recommended only if you two have been together for a while.) This will usually cause him to kiss you again so you are more caught up in the kiss while he is busy stealing his wallet back.

4. For men: Women don't need a wallet to steal. They have "back pockets." If they stole your wallet that opens up the option for you to explore their "back pockets." But if they are not ready for or you are not ready for "pocket action", don't be afraid to say so!

5. When making out, if you have made out before, make the make-out session more interesting by swirling your tongue around on the tip of their tongue before pulling away from the kiss. Make sure to be slow in doing this. This is sure to send shivers down their spine, and make them want more.

6. Another fun "game" to play when making out is to steal each-others gum, tic tacs, or whatever you may have. Just make sure, when you are trading off, not to trade a bunch of spit too unless they you know they like that.

7. Another fun game to play which works especially well if your partner isn't very good at kissing is to to tell them not to move an inch and start to kiss them how you like it. This could be on the mouth, neck ect. However if they start to join in and they are doing what you were hoping they would do...Don't stop them!

. Teasing the other person with your kisses can be fun. But for some it makes them frustrated and angry. Make sure you know how they react to things before you try playing "hard to get." Some things to do to tease with a kiss are to: go in for a kiss then stop as your lips brush, and then pull back and smile. This will cause them most of the time, to come in more aggressively for a kiss.

9. Also, go in for a kiss and kiss your partner gently on the lips, then to the jawline and kiss along there, linger just for a few seconds around their ear, this allows your partner to hear your breathing and often gives the person 'tingles' or 'goosebumps', and in general is rather nice for them. then from the ear move down onto the neck and kiss them there for a short while, then eventually, return to the lips and find out just how much they enjoyed this little detour by seeing how desperate they are to kiss you. This works especially well on girls.

10. Another teasing kiss to try would be you go in for a kiss and kiss them, but before you pull away to touch their bottom lip with your tongue as if you were going in to make out, you pull away. This will also make them pull you back most of the time, for another kiss.

11. Also another fun thing to try is wrestling. Not necessarily on the floor or on a bed (this could lead to other things) but if you are "pretend fighting" over things like tickling each other. This is fun and it helps with bonding.

12. Girls: Rest on your partners chest for a second while you're kissing then lean back and your partner will want a little more than a small touchy kiss! (This may lead to other things)

13. Overall, remember to have fun with each other. Being in a relationship means more than just the physical aspect of it. Remember to accept flaws.


*Respect each others' boundaries. Including your own.

*Spend quality time together.

*Compliment each other.

*Before making out or playing any of the games that go along with making out, make sure to brush your teeth! No one likes bad breath!

*A good atmosphere usually have very rewarding results.

*Tell your partner what you like, and what you don't prefer.
Just cuddle! Human touch is comforting, and often a great way to... interest people. A cuddle can stay a cuddle, turn into a kiss, or even more. It depends on how you cuddle. Head on shoulder contact stays friendly, but lower hands or prolonged chest-to-chest contact goes further.

*Be adventurous. Don't do the same old thing every time you're together.

*Look into his or her eyes and smile.

*Tell you partner how much you love him/her.


Some of these tips could lead to sex. If that's not what you want, say so! Don't be afraid to speak up.

How To Stop Falling In Love

Do you find yourself repeatedly falling for the same person or easily falling for the next potential lover that crosses your path? Love is a difficult thing to control, and it can conflict with other parts of your life such as your career, your financial stability, or your family. Putting a stop to falling in love can be different for everyone, but there are steps that can be taken by anyone to avoid this.


With a Particular Person

1. Avoid flirting. Flirting reinforces the fact that you like them and will prevent you from seeing them as a potential lover.

2. Start calling them a friend. Out loud, without hesitation and to as many people as you can speak to. This will train you to remember that that is how you think of them.

3. Discover why you keep falling in love with them.

What do they do or say that gets you every time? Once you know, you can protect yourself emotionally or take other measures to avoid being affected.

Do you need more people in your life? Are you lonely? Sometimes maybe all is is that you need more friends to fill your life with and have been looking to one person to fill that void.

4. Avoid hanging out with them by yourself. If you are trying to avoid romantic feelings, then you should avoid scenarios with potential romance.

5. Distance yourself from that person. Don't hang out with them as much and limit your communication with them. If your situation forces you to interact with them, keep actions and conversations professional.

6. Find reasons you won't love them. Are they too clingy? Do they treat your friends poorly? Are they too secretive?

7. Keep them out of your head. This may sound silly, but if they dominate your daydreams, you've fallen for them. Try to do some extracurricular activity that keeps your mind busy. Sports or other clubs will help. Develop a passionate hobby, and pretty soon, that will be your only passion.


1. Prioritize. Make a list of the things you value most in your life. If a 'significant other', or other similar moniker, is high on the list, move it farther down. Throw yourself passionately at the other things on the list. The less time you think about having someone by your side, the better.

2. Develop a hobby. Simply be busy. Join a club, or start one. The less time you have in your schedule, the less likely you can make time for a single person.

3. Stay in large groups. Unless you are alone, try to be with a large group of friends or family. It is easier to fall in love when you are singled out with one other person.

4. Don't let any one person take the number one spot in your life. Love yourself more than anyone else if you need to. Spoil yourself every once in while. Take your best friend out or take your younger nieces and nephews to an amusement park.


.Remember who you are and know what you want.
.Learn to shut yourself off. Don't put yourself in a shell. or block everything out, but lock your heart off. Without that raw feeling, the emotion itself, the feelings cannot grow.
.Talk it out with a trusted friend.
.Limit your contact with the person.
.Talk to someone you feel safe and comfortable with. Ask for suggestions and help.
.Spend time with people of a different gender who you don't see in a romantic way.
.Delete all the photographs you have of him/her.
.Delete his/her number from your phone