Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Attract And Seduce Young College Girls

I have come across guys who think that seducing young college chicks is the hardest thing an average Joe can do.
Seriously, if you think that it's hard to attract and seduce college girls, you might just be surprised at how easy it can actually be.

Now, I will say this, though. If you are a middle aged guy who is trying to hook up with 19 year olds, then yeah, they might really be the hardest ones for you to get.
However, if you are a guy in your twenties, or even your early thirties and you look decent, you don't dress like a total dweeb, and you are not tipping the scales at a weight that would make even pro wrestlers blush then, attracting and seducing young college girls does not have to be that hard at all.
When is a woman at her most experimental stage when it comes to sex and dating, usually

When a girl is in college, or at least around that age. So, it really would be a paradox if she was getting all experimental, yet she was incredibly hard to attract or seduce. Now, of course, if she is the hottest girl on campus and has all of the star athletes lining up just to get a chance to talk to her, then she may be incredibly hard to get with.
If she's a regular, good looking college girl... then game on!

The Next time you go out to a bar or a club, make sure it happens to be one that attracts a lot of college girls. Then, take a look around at what they are doing. Does it really look like they would be that impossible to hook up with In between grinding on the guy they are dancing with (who they just met like 5 minutes ago) and walking up to the bar to get another drink, you should be able to stop her for a moment, get a little conversation going, and escalate things to the point where you can pretty much guarantee that she is going home with you.

I know, it seems like it would be hard to attract a college girl, but remember...they are the ones that fall for the cheesiest of pick up lines. So, any guy that thinks it is impossible to attract and seduce a college girl, think again. Your odds are much higher than you assume.
And if you have a tight game, the right attitude, and know when to make your move at just the right time then, you can prove it to yourself.
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