Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Create A Great Relationship

Are You lonely and want a relationship that lasts? It can be confusing and tiring going from relationship to relationship wondering what you are doing wrong. Here is the key to getting it right:

1. First be clear as to your intentions and desires for a relationship. What kind of relationship do you want? (activity partner, sex, marriage...)

2. Set your focus toward attracting a person who desires the same kind of relationship as you. Put yourself out there to meet this person (parties, gatherings, online dating...)

3. Introduce yourself to people and have fun. Talk to people that interest you and just be calm, relaxed and have fun.

4. Ask those you connect with if they would like to join you for tea or coffee sometime. Set up a time and place to meet them.

5. When you meet them for first time the secret is creating a great relationship is in the questions you ask them about themselves. Get a sense of their beliefs, morals and relationship patterns. (Keep it subtle at first date and intensify the questions as you progress to more dates)

6. Respectfully accept all the answers that your date gives you with judgment. Know that if they don't answer the question as you would ideally like for a good match they can always be a great friend.

7. Be present to the moment, don't think about a month or year from now and most importantly have fun.
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