Wednesday, October 24, 2012


VIRGOS belong to the sixth zodiac sign, they are usually born between August 24 and September 23. They are straight forward women, they are able to be relied on and beautiful to fit. Virgo women are perfectionist; perfection is often what they make great effort to get. people fall deeply in love with them and they are very hard to get because they want perfection in everything. If you are less than perfect, they can run away from you.

They are careful about details and they analyse everything. That is, everything needs to be perfect for them to show pleasure and carry on. They are very considerate though, they discriminates allot. They think of all involved before making any move.

The Virgo females has a remarkable eye for detail, they can go to any length, to make sure things go well. Punctuality and reliability is a must for Virgo females. They like lists and regular procedures. They are slow to reveal emotion and timid in company of others i.e. they are nervous with too much attention on them.

You will have to esterblish casual friendship with Virgo females before you can even think of seducing them. Knowing the peculiar habit in their behavior will get you far. Their Zodiac sign is an intellectual sign which makes them highly practical. They are peaceful, undisturbed and will never show a sudden release of emotion in public. Although people view Virgos as having little to no emotions, they are actually very considerate.

Virgo women worry too much. So to seduce your Virgo woman, you have to help her relax and worry less. Bring laughter to her life, she needs it. Virgos generally don't like crazy experiences or large group of people. Take your Virgo woman on quite dates to dinner and theater until you know more about her. Virgos love nature, so don't hesitate to invite her for a weekend or holiday away in the country or hiking in the mountains.

Let your Virgo woman see you as the person she can chill with and find freedom from the mind that is always worrying. Use your time as friends to know about her character, taste, weaknesses and childhood yearnings that governs her adult behavior; this will help you immensely in seducing her.

Be very patient with her. Let the friendship transform naturally to love, she is going to let you know when you have impressed her. The love and emotion of a Virgo woman needs time to grow so don't rush her in anything or she might run away from you. she will examine every step along the way to make sure everything is just perfect. Do not be tired if she seems hesitant and cold. She will seem that way until she’s comfortable with you. Do not show your Virgo woman affection in public places,she hates that. Wait until you two are alone.

Virgo women are very loyal people, they are traditional in their attitude to life. They like pink roses and want a partner who respects and understands them. They want someone who is also intellectual and is just as organized as they are. They firmly want their partner to be not only devoted but reliable and sincere to them. If you want your Virgo female to fall for your seduction, be creative; like painting her a picture or writing her a nice short poem.

Show her that you need her in your life and that she mean a lot to you. Believe me, she will in turn do the same.

A Virgo female places high worth on her relationship. She likes to keep her sex life private and behind closed doors. so to successfully seduce her you have to do just the same and once she falls for you, you will never choose to leave her. She will give her time and resources entirely to you and will make you feel as if you are a king, then you will see how special she is. You will see the true amount of her femininity and strength. Then you will realize that the time and effort you put into courting her is not wasted.

To keep your Virgo, you have to know that her mind is always running. you may have to force her to relax. As a person who always refuse to accept any standard short of perfection, she is always thinking of ways to improve everything. She needs someone who knows when she is over worrying and help her relax.

Virgos hates time wasting. They are strong women, confident and stable. They will seem dull and slow to reveal emotion but they simply are very careful with choosing the friends and lovers they spend their lives with. Their attitude towards everything is always practical.

They need no unnecessary excitement or activity, all they need is just plain sincerity and honesty. No other love exist for a Virgo woman except true love so if you are looking for a one night stand you better look else where.

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