Thursday, August 30, 2012


To be a successful seducer according to Robert Greene in his book The Art of Seduction, you must see yourself as a provider of pleasure. For example, as children we mostly devote our lives to play and pleasure. As adults we often have a feeling of being cut off from this paradise.
Know that people are looking for pleasure. They never get enough of it from their friends and Even loved ones, and they can not get enough of it by themselves. So, a person who enters their lives offering pleasure, adventure and romance can not be restricted.
You must see life as a theater where everyone is an actor. Most people feel they have restricted roles in life, which makes them unhappy. Great seducers on the other hand can be anyone and can assume any roles. They take pleasure in performing. This freedom of there's, this fluidity in the body and spirit is what makes then attractive.
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