Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Calculate Love Compatibility

There are many factors involved in calculating whether or not you will be compatible with the person who wish to date. It is important to take these steps into consideration before you take the plunge - it will save your time and your heart!

1. Figure out your attachment style. Everyone attaches themselves to others in different ways. Generally there are three types of attachment styles, Secure: you are happy and comfortable with expressing feelings and being dependent on each other, Avoidant: you like to keep people at arms length and Anxious: you need constant reassurance about the status of your relationship. You and your partner need to have the same attachment styles - if not it will result in misunderstandings and conflict.

2. What do you want from your life? You have to decide what things in life take top priority: Kids, career, lifestyle choices. If you want kids, and your partner doesn't - DO NOT DEPEND ON THEM CHANGING THEIR MIND. They won't, and if you keep pressuring them they will resent you. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page in terms of where your lives are going and what you are going to accomplish together.

3. Do they have the qualities and share values you are looking for? Take a look at your close friends and family that you admire. What are their qualities and core values? Do you find yourself drawn to people who are honest, ambitious, attractive and have good family values? Be true to what you need and want in your life and determine if your partner shares these qualities and values.


.Make sure you can be yourself around them
.Sharing hobbies are a bonus but not a must - sometimes time apart from your partner is healthy

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