Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Jerks Get All The Women

How many times have you asked yourself this question, why is that girl with such a jerk?, when she could be with me? I bet then you convinced yourself that you would treat her right, or you would be different and treat her like a queen.

How many of you have actually asked women this? How many of you have had a woman cry on your shoulder because her boyfriend is being a jerk, and you tell her you'll treat her like a queen, but she always leaves you and goes right back to her jerk boyfriend.

Let me tell you why, Nice guys are boring, that's why women are with jerks. Nice guys are too boring and predictable. Women love the sense of danger and excitement. Why do you think women go crazy over James Bond? He is a dangerous and mysterious guy.

I don't have the intentions of changing your personality. You can be a nice guy and still be a jerk at the same time. Now you're asking yourself, how is that possible? Look at the qualities of jerks. They attract women because they are usually spontaneous, they don't let the women walk over them, they are assertive, and they take the role as the alpha male.

A nice guy will usually give the woman whatever she wants, even to the point of letting the woman walk all over him. The fact of the matter is: nice guys are boring and mundane! Women don't want to sit on their ass and watch T.V. with their loved' ones all day. They want to be out and about, living an exciting/glamorous life. Nice guys cannot deliver this.

When seducing a woman, most nice guys will be very gentle. This is great and all, but most women want you to take charge and actually act like a man. If they wanted someone to be gentle with they'd call one of their girlfriends. Here are some quick tips for learning how to act more like a jerk without actually being one:

- Don't be afraid to tell a woman no. This shows that you are assertive and stern.

- Don't be afraid to act like a man. Women love sex just as much as we do, so if you act sexually interested and make her aware of it without harassing her, this increase your chances of successfully seducing and attracting her.

- Be spontaneous. Nice guys want to be romantic all day everyday. This might be good at first, but this gets boring fast for women. Women love excitement and drama, so give it to them.

- Don't ever get hung up on one girl. This is sometimes called pedastaling. This means that you are head over heels about one girl and one girl only. This is fine if the feeling is mutual. However, if the feeling is not mutual do not get hung up on a woman. You will end up scaring her away, I promise.

- Always keep other women in your arsenal. Don't be afraid to live life and play the field. Women love drama. They are also very competitive. So if they know you are not dating them exclusively, is it their natural instincts to try harder!

If you follow these tips, I guarantee an increase in your success rate with women almost instantly! Just remember, you do not have to be a jerk to act like one.
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