Friday, April 12, 2013

How Ugly Guys Can Seduce Beautiful Women

I've come to realize that the ugly guys have a problem when it comes to what they think is possible for them. They think that beautiful women are not within their reach.

Beautiful women have a tendency to make ugly guys feel almost inferior and inadequate, and this is NOT how you want to, or should feel. You probably think that you have to either possess great looks, a lot of cash, or some super suave game in order to attract beautiful women. Of course, you would be wrong if this is what you assume.

Here are some things that you want to know about how to attract beautiful women that will make you think twice about letting a beautiful woman walk by you without trying to attract her attention:

1. Most attractive women are already used to the jerks going after them, so you have a good chance just by being something "different".

Note that the word different is stressed, as if you try and mimic the behaviors of a classic jerk, then you are probably not going to make much of an impression on her. Women have two major complaints about men. One is that most of the guys that actually do hit on them are the jerks, and the other is that the nice guys just do nothing at all and act like they are intimidated by them. If you want to attract beautiful women, then you have to make an advance on her, and you will score some points just by not being one of those jerks.

2. You have to master the mental game of attraction and it starts in your mind.

One of the most overlooked, yet important aspects of picking up and attracting beautiful women is that you need to have your mental game in check. If you have the impression that there are women that are out of your league, then this is especially true. Being able to master the mental game is vital to your skills and your chances of attracting beautiful women. Don't ignore it.

3. Women want to meet men.

This is another thing that most ugly guys will kind of mess up in their minds. They feel like they might be bothering a woman by flirting with her or trying to get a conversation going. And you know what? Most women are really open to meeting new guys, ugly or hansome, especially ones that have something interesting to say and that know how to flirt without coming off like a creep or an egotistical wanna be.
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