Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Know If A Girl Like You

Well, we all know that women aren't too direct about the way they feel about guys therefore chances of them approaching you directly and letting you know the way they truly feel about you is next to none.

Therefore in order to figure out whether a girl truly likes you or not...You will have to pay close attention towards her body language and a few other special clues which most guys normally tend to miss.

Read on to discover what these signs are and how you can easily figure out whether a girl truly likes you or not.

She is very direct with personal questions...

If a girl is very straight forward with her questions and ends up asking you a lot of personal questions such as whether you are single or not...What sort of girls do you prefer etc etc. Then it's overly obvious that she is trying to figure out whether you are available for her or not.

Which obviously means she likes you and wants to know whether the road is open for her or not.

Is she laughing at your jokes...Even when they don't seem that funny?...

This is another very common thing which tends to happen in case the girl truly likes you. The reason why she shows extra emotions around you and ends up laughing at jokes which aren't even that funny means that she is trying get in your good books and wants to get noticed.

This also means that she is just trying extra hard to impress you.

Is she getting physically close to you while talking?...

Is she standing extra close to you while you are talking to her? A lot of girls aren't too comfortable getting physically close to a guy early on...But in case she is standing real close to you while talking then it's a clear sign that she has something for you.

Also in case she touches you while talking which may include...A tap on the shoulder or brushing her arm against yours again and again...It means she likes you and is giving you strong physical signs.

Is she paying too much attention towards you & ignoring everyone else?...

This is another thing which would happen in case a girl seems to like you. Do you get a feeling that she is paying extra attention towards you even when you two are standing in a group of people?

Does it seem like you are the centre of all her focus and she is somewhat ignoring the whole group? You see this clearly proves that she is giving you that extra bit of attention solely because she is into you.
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