Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Get Your Ex Back And Rebuild Your Relationship

After a break-up with your ex, it is natural for you to wish to go back in time and prevent whatever caused the break up. Expecially if you love your Ex and because of this you get desperate to get your ex back, even to the point of doing dumb things that will taint your image. You have to understand that Sometimes, to get your ex back means not doing anything. And more often than not, it is becoming more and more effective if you use this reverse psychology tricks. Below are some great tips that will hopefully work for you.

i) Rule Number 1, avoid begging your ex to come back - Being too clingy is a big mistake. Do not call your ex over and over again and beg them to come back. This will be such a turn off. Leave your ex as he/she would like to be. Maintain some distance and never communicate with them for a couple of weeks. This will allow both of you to re-think and re-evaluate what really caused the break-up.

ii) Pre-occupy yourself and be active - You can always move on and be active with your life after a break up. Move on and let go. When everything seems hopeless and going against you letting go is the best option. If your ex knows about this then he might wonder what makes you so joyful and preoccupied. This will certainly get his or her attention. Pretend that you do not want your ex back. It is fairly simple. If your ex want to break up and leave you, then let them do it. Let him/her know that you agree and believe that things would be much better that way.

iii) Do not make the first move to call 0r talk to him/her - If you do this, he/she will find out later on that you are simply pretending and would end up playing games with you. If he/she calls you after a couple of weeks then be friendly and show him/her that you are moving on. You can tell them that you are going on a vacation, or have bought a new adorable pet. Whatever you do, make him realize that things are okay with your life now that they are gone. On the other hand, do not overdo it by saying that you are dating someone or you have some sexual encounter with somebody. It will be very discouraging and if that happens, there just might not be a second chance anymore.

iv) Socialize, meet new people and get a life - Just enjoy and feel the beauty of life. Pamper yourself, buy new sets of clothes and shoes, go to a salon, get a facial and manicure. Keep on being happy. When you meet your ex you have to have a positive aura and glow within you and will further support your pretense that you are finally moving on. This will make him/her realize that he made the wrong decision and would think of ways to reunite with you. When he/she finally mentions about you two getting back together, do not abruptly say yes, rather act neutral. You can say that you will think about it and would like for you two to start as friends. I know you wanted to get your ex back but remember to be a little modest. After some time, if the friendship continues then most likely he/she will ask to reunite with you again, if these happens talk to him/her about how you two can make the relationship work the second time around if you are giving him a second chance. The key is to develop a subtle mind. Do this and you can get your ex back soon enough.

v) Lastly, you have to be patient and wait - If your ex is unresponsive to all your efforts sometimes the best thing is to wait. Be patient. Maybe you might be rushing things. Do not expect too much within a short period of time. Assess your situation and let the leaves fall into their proper places.
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