Thursday, March 14, 2013


To seduce a Gemini is like preparing yourself to know two different people. Confused? Don't be, we are talking about her dual personality. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time.

Find your chance. Get to know her by greeting her gently and calmly. Try to figure out her hobbies first because most Gemini girls like to make conversation with a new person when they share a similar hobby.

As the sign of a Gemini can have a different personality in a person, this also means that you must ready to be different every day that you encounter her. Be ready to meet a new side of her character. Gemini girls tend to be easily bored. If she finds herself getting nothing, try to make a funny riddle and/or give her new music which can cheer up her boring day (Gemini girls love art).3Speak your opinion about life when everything seems to burden your mind, and be willing to share it with her. Be generous and know the boundaries in human relations.4After that, you need to make sure whether or not you have these 3 simple but essential characteristics which can easily attract a Gemini girl.

Firstly, you better have a bit more knowledge than her: about philosophy, sciences, languages, movies, music, books, etc. Try to expand your vocabulary by using a new word every time you talk to her because a Gemini girl will be interested in a guy who is smart but not intimidating.Secondly, you should have a good taste in art or be intelligent enough to talk about art, but this time please do not act like you know it all. Talk to her with dignity but always remember to be nice to everybody, talk to her friends as well when you are around them, have a smile on your face and sometimes throw a funny joke in the middle of a conversation when you find the conversation starts to get slow.Thirdly, be a good listener because a Gemini girl is a good listener and a good adviser as well. Know when to speak your opinion and when to be silent and just listen. Make her comfortable by being warm and a good secret keeper who is always willing to be a nice person. Make her and other people smile and/or laugh when life gets hard. You must let people do the same favor for you, and be open-minded.

Always be yourself when you are around a Gemini girl. You can be messy, nerdy, sporty, etc. But remember to stay clean and choose a nice perfume.

Know that you can't hold back a Gemini girl when she's about to explode, but you surely can calm her down by saying, "Do you need me to be around you, now?" when she's about to cry. If she doesn't give a response, just hold her hand/ hug her for a while and say "It's fine, you will be just fine because I know you are. Just call me when you need me." At this time you can leave her alone, if she literally needs you then she will call you soon. When she's angry just say "Relax, sometimes everything is not what it's seems... but trust me, I care about you. You can talk to me when you have calmed down." Leave her for a while and you can give her a cup of tea or ice cream.
Maybe you can't always be the one she's always expecting to have or to be around. You have feelings just like she does. Sometimes you can be emotional as well, so when this is happening to you, speak up! Tell her clearly the reason why you're so upset, happy, etc.

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