Thursday, March 14, 2013


Taurus women are the best. People might think first: "They have a beautiful, curvy figure, great social skills, and are mostly money-oriented!" And it's true, but all of these qualities are for her to build her own home. They are strong. They need to feel safe, and they do not appreciate your pity. They know what they want, and they want you to help them in the right time.

Don't just go direct and ask her out, and most important: give her a reason that is good enough to fit you in her schedule. The truth is that, unless you are Prince Charming, she won’t agree to go on to a date with you just to waste her time, because time and money are important to her, and you know it is true.

Listen hard: When you are less talkative, she will automatically get curious about you. Therefore, she, the social queen, will talk for you, and you have to listen hard and remember everything she talked about. When, in time, she realizes that you remember all her habits, stories, her dreams, she will be loyal to you because of your sincerity.3Have some fun activity planned. Taurus women are as curious as cats. Don’t offer them a date just about shopping or watching a movie at your place, because those are absolutely too normal for them. Suggest ideas like: “Let’s go to Rome!” or “Let’s join some diving course together!” These kinds of togetherness will not only bring you two closer but creates a great bound for her and you. She will trust you more.

Most important: sensual touch. After you've been a gentleman for all the time, she'd love to get more, but don’t do this unless you are serious about this charming lady. When she gives in, she means it. She will return the love she gets, and even more.

Last, but not least, always talk sweet to her. She not only loves to hear how you enjoy every second that you spend together, but also she enjoys bedtime sweet talk.

Taurus is the most PHYSICAL sign of the zodiac, and they're especially fond of sex.
Don't be surprised if your Taurus woman has a slight weight problem, since Bulls tend to have big appetites.
If you cook for her, she just might cook for you in return!

Warnings: Taurus is the most stubborn birth sign in the zodiac, NEVER try to force to do anything she doesn't like, or she'll poke your behind with her bullhorns!
Taurus is as jealous as it's opposite, Scorpio. NEVER flirt with other women when dating this sign!

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