Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Following Are The Main Types Of The Adult Naturals

KEEP IN MIND THAT THE GREATEST NATURAL SEDUCERS ARE OFENT A BLEND OF MORE THAN ONE OF THESE QUALITIES. The Innocent: The adult Natural is not truly innocent, it is impossible to grow up in this world and retain total innocence. Yet Naturals yearn so deeply to hold unto their innocent outlook that they manage to preserve the illusion of innocence. They exaggerated their weakness to elicit the proper sympathy. They act like they still see the world through the innocent eye, which in an adult proves doubly humorous. Much of this is conscious, but to be effective, adult Naturals must make it seem subtly and effortless; if they are seen as trying to act innocent, it will come across as pathetic. Learn to play up any natural weakness or flaw. The Undefensive Lover: As people get older, they protect themselves against painful experiences by closing themselves off. the price of this is that they grow rigid, physically and mentally. But children are by nature unprotected and open to experience, and this receptiveness is extremely seductive. Be open to influence from others, and they will more easily fall under your spell. The Wonder: The wonder child has a special, inexplicable talent; it can be a gift for music, for mathematics, for chess, for sport. At work in the field in which they have such prodigal skill, these children seem possessed, and their actions effortless. To play the wonder, you need some skills that seems easy and natural. along with the ability to improvise. If in fact your skills takes practice, you must hide this and make your work appear effortless. The more you hide the sweat behind what you do, the more natural and seductive it will appear. {Excerpted from: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene}
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