Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Psychological Traits of the Natural

Natural seducers are people who somehow avioded getting certain childish traits drummed out of them by adult experience. Such people can be as powerfully suductive as any child, because it seems uncanny and marvelous that they have preserved such qualities. They are not literaly like children, of course; that would make them obnoxious or pityful. Rather it is the spirit they have retained. Do not immagine that this childishness is something beyond their control. Natural seducers learn early on the value of retaining a perticular quality, and the seductive power it contains; they adapt and build upon those childlike traits that they manage to preserve, exactly as the child learns to play with its natural charms. This is the key. It is within your power to do the same, since there is lurking within all of us a devilish child straining to be let loose. Children are not as guileless as we like to imagine. They suffer from feelings of hopelessness, and sense early on the power of their natural charm to remedy their weakness in the adult world. They learn to play a game: if their natural innocence can persuade their parent to yield to their desires in one instance, then it is something they can use strategically in another instance, laying it on thick at the right moment to get their way. if their vulnerability and weakness is so attractive, then it is something they can use for effect.
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