Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Improve Your Social Life

There are many ways of enjoying your life and having a good social life. You don't have to hook up a lot nor go out clubbing every night. But a these steps sure will make your social life better, help you to find new ways to have more fun with your friends and also give you chances of meeting new friends too.


1. Look approachable. People will not feel okay of going out with you or getting to know you if they look at you and think they can't approach you. It's not about being shallow, but about giving a good impression of yourself.

Make sure you are as clean as possible. Shower taken, teeth properly brushed and flossed, good deodorant, good perfume, hair clean, deeply clean and moisturised skin and clean clothes.

Keep up with a nice style that is still "you". You do not have to "dress up", but you should stick to your own style but in an adequate way, wearing what works best for your body type and what makes you feel more "you", but always clean and proper.

2.Go out. Yes, how do you expect to have a social life if you never go out to new places? You don't have to go to crowded clubs if you don't like, but you elect a day or two in the week so you can visit and have a snack or a few drinks at a popular bar or at a nice restaurant. Take a friend or two with you or go by yourself, but make sure to observe people, keep a good posture and look approachable. This way you'll have fun, relax, be seen in a good way by the people that frequent those places and even have chances of meeting new people.

3. Have an agenda. It's good to plan a little bit ahead before you go out. Write down what days are you free, what time is good for you to go out and do. Research on the internet to find out what are the best places to go and the ones that have the best prices for you.

4. Take pictures with your friends when you go out. Always take a digital camera with you. Taking pictures is a way to keep the good memories and even stimulate you to go out even more often.

5. Go places that you actually feel comfortable in. You don't have to go to a super fancy restaurant if it's not your style, or else you're under the risk of feeling "out of place", like there's nothing in common with you in there. You must go places that you feel good at, and where you're probably gonna find people with the similar styles and tastes as you. It's the best way for you to feel comfortable and more "yourself".
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