Friday, April 19, 2013

How To Deal With A Broken Heart

It is a normal part of life to experience both joy and sorrow. Everyone in the entire world experiences both at times. This is likely of little consolation to you if you are currently feeling the heartbreak of an ended relationship, however. It is quite difficult to make the transition from dreaming of spending your life with someone forever to knowing that your dream was not meant to be. If she broke your heart, you may be feeling as if your life is falling apart.

Feeling broken-hearted can seem rather confusing to some--there is a lot of pain and hurt feelings, of course, but there is also a sense of grief and loss that is not unlike that which is experienced when a death occurs. This happens because when your heart is broken, you feel as if you have lost a large part of your life as well as a part of yourself; therefore, it is only natural to grieve for the loss.

The depth of your feelings from your heartbreak will depend upon the depth of your relationship and the strength of the feelings you had for your girlfriend at the time of the break-up. For the first few weeks after the break-up, you may feel as if your heart has fallen out and will never return. You may also feel as if the heartbreak will never end. All of this is perfectly natural, both for men and for women who experience heartbreak.

It may take several weeks or a few months for you to begin to feel a bit more normal--and even then, you may relapse into the depths of despair once again. It may be difficult for those around you to truly understand how you are feeling and how deeply you are hurting because every broken heart is different. When a somebody breaks your heart, it may leave deep scars on your heart that remain there forever. However, below are some tips to deal with a Broken heart:

1. Share your feelings.
Venting your feelings has an instant feeling of relief. Your best friend or tightest family member is your greatest ally when you need a hand picking up the pieces after a broken relationship.

2. Determine what's good for you.
Make good daily decisions that will make you feel righteous rather than depressed. Think twice about going on a bender and drowning your sorrows. There is no surer way to further enhance your sorrows than by waking up the next morning dealing with a hang over and a broken heart. Drinking or taking drugs to numb the pain is not the way to recover from a broken heart. Start your new life today; alcohol will only delay your recovery.

3. Get physical.
Eating well and exercising regularly is a smart move encouraging an endorphin rush and feelings of exhilaration. Keep your strength up and always aim to feel fit and healthy. This is an excellent frame of mind to be in and will boost your self-assurance.

4. Rebound?
After a month or two, hopefully, you will start waking up each morning realizing the whole world is at your feet and that opportunities are endless. Start programming your mind into believing you are attractive to the opposite sex. Coming out of a long-term relationship, it's easy to lose touch with the singles scene. Dating sites are full of singles, many who are at the same stage of singledom as you and can relate to where you are at. So after you have had some recovery time and life is starting to look a little brighter, check out one of the popular dating sites and start to mingle!

5. Bring back your forgotten hobbies.
Things that makes us happy often get forgotten when we become involved in a long-term relationship. Getting back some of what may have gone missing is imperative in order to rediscover your old self and independence.

6. Keep your body and mind occupied.
Keeping yourself on the go will keep your mind preoccupied so you don't dwell about your ex. Keep motivated to stay healthy by planning your routine. Make time to attend the gym, meet up with friends and hang out with those people who love you unconditionally - your family.

7. Time is of the essence.
It won't feel like it at the beginning when your wounds are raw, however all wounds gradually heel with time. Any relationships expert will concur that eventually you will learn to live and love again.

By staying focused and strong during the tough times will put you in great shape for a fast recovery.
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