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If you want to get a nice guy to like you, you have to start off as friends. If he says yeah, then don't make it seem like you're obsessed with him. But if he says no, get flirty, try harder, but not too extreme, and see if you can make him change. And if that doesn't work, lay off. Remain friendly, not stalker-like. Creepy isn't attractive to anyone. If they are looking at you every now and then, then you are doing great!

If you are too shy, when he's near, talk with a lot of friends and laugh. Act like you're having fun. Make sure you don't give off a fake impression. Just be yourself. NEVER change yourself in any way for a guy. If he looks at you then it's a sign of paying attention. If the guy ignores you when he's with his friends, let him go! Also don't be easy with it, Good luck! be your own person.


You want to feel good about yourself. But you also have to let him come on his own. But don't be too loud or he is going to think you're weird and not at all approachable. Being yourself is good but don't do something crazy to get his attention! You don't want to lead someone on like a puppy taken out for a walk. You could end up in a very awkward or uncomfortable situation.
Be happy. Smile often, laugh often, be positive and be optimistic. Nobody notices somebody who is boring, dull, or not funny. Guys will notice the girl that smiles cutely, the girl that laughs naturally, the girl that looks happy and bright.
Something you should consider is letting him know you are single. [Be Yourself Be yourself]. Everyone probably says this, but it's true. No guy wants a girl that pretends like she is something she is not. Show him that you are a good friend. Listen to the music he listens to. Just don't come on too clingy. No boy wants a girl who just follows him around all day. In addition, if you want to find out more about him, don't stalk the poor guy. Just find out about him from his friends you trust. For example, ask them about his likes and dislikes, what music he is into, what concerts he goes to, if he likes anyone, etc. Be confident in yourself, and it will show that you are an amazing person. Don't be someone you're not. You want him to like you for who you are.

Don't be awkwardly flirtatious. If he's not talking to you at the moment then don't come on too strong. Don't be a bear in hibernation either!
Try to become his friend. Get to know him better. Yes, you might like him, but first, become his friend. Start liking things that he likes, but don't get too much involved. He might become too crowded. First, try by asking him questions. Don't take it wrong if he says something bad about what you like. That's just his opinion, so don't get mad or give up! Just try something different, but don't stop doing what you like to do, because he might like someone who does what they like. If he doesn't like you for who you are, then let him be. Try a new hairstyle, new clothes, etc. It's a good idea to change things up once in a while. Because variety might be the spice of life, and it might help you catch his eye. Try being that girl who is different from all the other "okay" looking girls. Give him the eyes, because "beauty is common, but a good outlook and great energy are very rare." Guys love when girls look them in the eyes.

Smile and make eye contact. If you don't smile, he won't notice you and if he does, he might just think you're boring and not worth talking to. So you should always put on a great smile to attract his attention and you think you're not good at smiling, think of something to make you laugh, find something interesting on his body to like or you can try putting on a fake smile and then you will notice that a real, genuine smile will appear all of a sudden. You have to make yourself happy in order to be happy. Unless it really makes you feel artificial, learn how to shoot people a reassuring smile, letting them know that you're a happy and confident person who wants to enjoy life. The idea is to communicate that you're inviting their company.
Be cute. He will come over and talk to you. Don't be a total wallflower, but if you're just reading a magazine, try and look cute and wait until he can't resist and he might ask what book you're reading and take the conversation on from there.
Start up conversations that have to do with if it's where you are or if he's talking to you. Make sure you don't go on about nothing. Definitely make sense when you talk to him. Don't twirl your hair, flick your eyelashes or giggle nonstop. He can get kind of scared and make fun of you. No matter how old you are, guys will always be the same. Be yourself! Just be who you are, that's the #1 quality guys look for in a girl.

Hang out with him often but not too often; you don't always want to be hanging around because you might look like an annoying bug that's always around and never goes away. Try to start a conversation about an interesting topic, for example, if you're at a football game, ask confidently but cutely, "Did I miss any action?". This will tell him that you want to know about the game, but also you want to get his opinion, so he will automatically talk to you about the game (or other topics). Start slowly like a movie or party. Try not to make it so noticeable cause he might not be interested.
Be assertive. You are the girl. You have the power. A lot of guys are shy and awkward around girls they like, so don't hold back. Do what you want to do. Boys like a powerful girl. Be decisive. Which means make decisions! Tell him what you want him to do, etc. Just don't get too bossy!

Make him feel special. There has got to be a reason that you want him to notice you, and that's because you noticed him first. Let him know--subtly--that you're interested in who he is, and that you sincerely want to get to know him better. You know, guys hate girls who wear too much make up. They think it looks hot for a while but then it tends to be like this: They break up with you (think your just a doll) and fall in love with a natural girl.
Don't be a slob. It's a real turn-off for a guy when he notices a girl hasn't brushed her hair, hasn't cleaned her ears (they always look in there) or wears the same outfit every other day. Even if you don't fall within the typical expectations, just looking presentable. It is always desirable--irrespective of who is the guy or girl.
Just talk to him. When it comes down to it, talking to a guy, and flirting with him will get his attention, and if it doesn't, then nothing will.
Walk in front of him. It may be very simple, but it works. When coming out of the class, or playing in gym class, just walk in front of him, and he should be able to notice you. If he walks in front of you a lot, he probably likes you.
If he's looking your way, give him something to look at. If he's looking at you, you can:
Look away shyly, making you seem mysterious because he can't figure out why you did that.
Look into his eyes really briefly, then smile and drop something so you can "pick it up". (don't be too obvious, that will make you seem weird and desperate)
Ignore him. Let him watch you by himself. If he is looking only at you, try to share your thoughts. Ex. You are in a boring class, using your facial expression and pulled a face at the teacher, then looking back at him and smile. Sharing these intimate moments makes you closer to him.
If you catch him sneaking glances at you, then he is probably interested and trying to keep you in his sight.

But most importantly, do not be indecent. Be yourself, not a plastic Barbie doll. Its okay once in awhile to show off your body, but do it in a minor way. Don't wear shirts that reveal too much and don't wear extremely tight pants and shorts that look like Megan Fox should be wearing them.
Find out what he likes and try to get into them too. He'll appreciate the fact you two have things in common.
If you love a boy dress how he likes, but try to still be yourself.
Guys love girls that don't act mean or make fun of others.
On other terms, if you discover that he's been secretly talking to another girl behind your back: do something. On a personal level, you shouldn't let him get away with treating you like that. He's most likely lost interest in you for some reason, and has decided to follow his (probably) irrational impulses, and "fallen in love" with another girl. Again, don't let him think he can get away with feeding you lies and pretending your potential relationship is okay. Giving him a piece of your mind establishes that you're an independent and knowledgeable woman, and you know what's best for you.

If you have never talked to this guy before, however, just smile at him when you pass by. Subtle hints like that will keep you in his mind. He will be saying "Who was she? Great smile, hair, faces, etc." or "I need to find out who she is". He will then be dropping smiles back to you, and one thing will lead to another. There is proof that this will work. Just try it out yourself. If you don't get the same results as me, just try saying a simple "hi". It will show him you aren't afraid or a coward. This could make the start of great friends, which could make the start of a great boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.
If you notice that he's trying to flirt with you, don't ignore it! Flirt back and don't be afraid to let out your inner puma!


Speak your mind; he will like to know you're not afraid to let your inner mind speak. You're not a drone, and any guy worth having will love it. Just don't scare them by going into a spiel. It's a turn-on to see a girl who loves her mind, not one who's bent on world domination. Likewise, don't get caught up in complaining about yourself this will turn him off. No guy likes a girl who is always complaining about herself so be confident! Negativity pushes others away, and it lowers your self-esteem. But sometimes you have to have a reason to complain, otherwise don't complain.
Being too straight-forward might mean leaving him bored. One way to get someone's attention is to make him curious, and that means leaving him guessing to some degree.
React to his jokes. If they aren't funny, just smile a little and bat him playfully on the arm, and say, "Hilarious." In your real life, you use sarcasm, right? You should look natural.

Be mysterious; keep him guessing. Don't overdo this; it will make him frustrated (not to mention confused) if you do it too much.
You have to be able to know how to not be so serious. Be laid back, be fun.
Never ask him out through a friend. He'll be creeped out and he might just say no.
Remember that the boys rarely get asked out because they're the ones who usually do the asking. Take a risk and ask him out. On the negative, he might feel flattered and politely decline. But the positive outweighs the negative. He probably has never gotten asked out by a girl. When you ask him out, you're differentiating yourself. He'll notice and feel complimented, you'll make him feel great about himself and about you, and you'll stand out in his mind. Also, if you've read the signs already and have a feeling that he might already like you (but maybe he's shy) the odds are very high that he'll agree to go out with you.
Be outgoing and make small talk every once in awhile. Just remember not to be nosy, though.

Chocolate releases another chemical that makes you feel very happy. Try it. But not in excess.
If you want a guy to notice you, you have to do something really unexpected. Something you can do is when you are talking to him- kiss him out of nowhere. If he doesn't back off, you have been noticed. Use this tip very sparingly, however, and only if you're fairly sure he would be into that. -- This is the worst advice ever. Don't do this.

Sometimes when a guy knows you like him, they start to feel the same way. It may sound desperate but telling one of his friends you like him means that he will soon find out. This will make the guy you like look at you differently and possibly start liking you back, it happens. -- This makes you look like you have no confidence. Just find out yourself!

Learn to joke about things. Just be yourself. Don't be an obnoxious freak, but learn to be a little bit humorous; guys find that attractive. Whether your humor is sarcasm, clever/wittiness, just being quirky and weird, or telling hilarious stories, just be yourself and learn to laugh. Don't take life so seriously.
If he's the kind of person that will fall down and play dead and just lie there while playing games, get down on your knees and feel his pulse on his wrist. Say you can't feel it, even if you can, then move your hand to his neck and gently rub his neck as if trying to find the pulse, and maybe even use your other hand to turn his face over if he's not facing your direction. If he still hasn't responded and you're feeling adventurous put your head on his chest and try to hear his heart. He will think about you and your hands on his neck and your head on his chest for a long time afterwards. -- Who the hell does this? This is a ridiculous scenario that will probably never happen. Completely disregard this.

Don't let him get away with using you. If he flirts with other girls or is a player, forget about him! -- True, To some degree. If a guy's flirting with another girl and you're not even together, this doesn't equate to him using you.
If possible, try and merge your groups, chances are, his friends are like him and your friends are like you so you all will probably get along with each other pretty well. Getting your group to hang out in a spot near (but not right on top of) theirs is the best way of doing this.

Remember, if your efforts don't succeed, you have to remember that it's not the end of the world, there are plenty more fish in the ocean, and try to move on. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.
If you pass by the guy you like all the time in hallway at school, STEP UP. Say, "Hey where's your class at? I don't feel like going to my class just yet". Some guys like when girls make the first move and the next day he'll probably repay you by walking you to your next class.

When you're somewhere that he is, pretend you don't notice him. If you're with your friends, look just a little bit distant and not too interested in what they're talking about (especially if it's about boys). Try to look like you're day dreaming. This will make you look sweet and curious about the world around you. He will be interested. -- Not really, this makes you look like you'd rather be anywhere but where you currently are and makes you look like a space cadet. Be attentive to your friends, it makes you seem more sociable.

If you're a shy girl, don't really expect to get the guy you like. If you're way too shy and quiet, the guy will think you're mysterious and then two weeks later, if he still hasn't gotten through your thick wall of mystery, he will move on. -- This isn't a tip, this is discouraging. Just be yourself, but if you're shy, try to be a little more open with your guy. He'll appreciate it in the long run. Don't take this as "you won't get a guy if you're shy", because that's just not true.
Dress somewhat close to the way he dresses. You guys will look cute together and maybe somebody walking by will ask, "Aww! Are you guys going out?" or even better, "Aw, you guys would make a cute couple!". This may add a little bit of awkwardness, but it will make the guy see you as a girl he could date, same goes with girls. -- No. Don't do this. Be yourself. Don't wear skinny jeans just because he likes them; if he doesn't like the way you dress, then that's his problem. Not yours.


Maybe guys will take advantage of you because you're being too nice. But make sure that he knows you have feelings too and he just can't touch you up and think he can do whatever he wants to.
You can't get everyone to notice you. Remember that guys come and go, so do not stress yourself if things do not work out in your favor. The world is a really big place, and you'd do well to remember it.
Being too obsessive can do the opposite of what you want to achieve, pushing him farther away. Under the category "Love", obsession or suspicion doesn't fall in. That is "Infatuation".

If he just won't become attracted to you, leave it alone. Do not push it, or things might get ugly, and you'll earn a bad reputation.
Don't show off too much flesh, especially if he would always look. Always keep him under suspense. Also, modesty shows that you are a lady. He will see that you don't need to show off, and in return the right kind of guy will give you his respect.
Do you like cocky people? Self-centered people? Bossy people? In-your-face people? If not, then avoid being any of those, because he probably feels the same way. Don't boast about yourself constantly. He'll think you're nuts and don't think only for your benefit, don't push him around too often (especially when you're doing something in a team), and don't always ask questions about him or you.

If he doesn't seem to be getting all the hints after a week or two, that's okay. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you; it just means he may not be ready for a girlfriend right now or that he is too shy to show emotion back. If after maybe 3 months of being flirty, then he probably isn't into you as much, it could still change. It's completely up to you how far you'll go, how hard you'll try, how long you want to keep it up, etc. -- Three months? Where did that number come from? That makes no sense. Seriously, if he's not picking up on the signals or doesn't seem that into you, then move on. He's either not into you or he's too dumb to notice and you don't want either of those.

Don't act like a snob to impress him. He will think you are obnoxious. Also, don't be clingy or bother him. He will try to avoid you or think you are annoying, and you definitely don't want that.
You always have to be yourself no matter what. It is very important! If you act like someone else, you could end up with a guy you don't like or want. -- Or you could just end up being a silly poser.
Don't force him to like you. If he doesn't, don't feel too bad, he's the one who's missing out. Let him meet you halfway at least. Like everything else, things can change overnight. Sometimes you need to give him some space to think about the idea of you & him. It'll take you a while to figure out how you'll try to get his attention in a positive way, so give him some time to find a reaction that he sees fit. -- Uhmm, No. NOTHING changes overnight and you can't force somebody to like you even if you wanted to, so that's not even an option. If he's not into you, then move on.

If he is in the popular clique, don't try to join in the group. If you do, they'll probably talk about you behind your back. This could start rumors, and he may not defend you. You know how cliques are, right? They prefer keeping people inside who stand by their beliefs. -- Not really. This is horrible advice. Just because people are popular and part of the popular "clique", that doesn't mean they're horrible people. Just ignore this. It can't be categorized as advice.
Wish you the best of luck, and remember that whatever happens, no one can change who you really are. -- Why is "are" emphasized? And is this even advice? No. Ignore this, too.

If you are under pressure, just relax, kick back and maybe rehearse a few lines, but feel free to make up something, as long as it sounds nice. Don't do the perfume on the arm and ask him to smell your arm. That will definitely turn him off! -- Who the hell does this? This is silly. Yeah, practicing "lines" in the mirror can raise your self confidence (and this is a proven fact), but what is this garbage about perfume and making stuff up? You shouldn't do any of that. Be yourself.
For some reason, girls think guys notice you if you're loud. Don't shriek so loud you hurt the eardrums of the person next to you. It's not going to do anything, anyway; it just makes them think you're too loud and crazy. Just walk up to him and talk normally to him.

Make sure you listen to him (it's good to listen, so you can know how to reply) and not just keep babbling about yourself. Maybe you could learn a little more about the guy you like than just his hair color, eye color, etc.
Clinging is not right. You don't need to sit with him every day and take up an instrument because he does. Sure, he might be impressed, but ultimately, it's your life. You need to learn how to balance your time. Don't sacrifice just to get a guy. Guys can be mean just like girls. We all have our opinion, so get to know his friends and ask them if he has been talking about you or another girl. If he is talking about someone other than you, then layoff a little! Keep in mind that they will probably tell him that you asked. So be careful! -- This was good advice in the beginning, then it just kinda rambled and went downhill. You can stop following this advice once you reach the line about guys being mean. That sentence, and everything after it, is from the mind of a blathering .

Don't worry about how you look when you're with your boyfriend. He should like you for who you are. But if you do go on a date, try to look nice. And compliment him on how he looks no matter if he's wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Remember, men like to be complimented just like girls.

Don't always talk about yourself. Let your boyfriend get some words in. Don't always tell your friends what happened on the date, because if someone knows, then everyone will know and some people are quiet so they like to keep things to themselves. But it's more romantic when you don't tell. -- How is it more romantic if you don't kiss and tell? Romance has nothing to do with your big mouth! Besides, if you tell your friends and they open THEIR big mouths, they're not really friends in the first place.
Remember that every boy is different so don't try the same things on them all.
Don't be too uptight, he will definitely notice. Try to loosen up and be who you are. You obviously want him to like you for who you are don't you?

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