Saturday, October 27, 2012

SEDUCTION PROCESS TWO- Approach Your Victim Indirectly

After you have chosen the right victim you want to seduce, the next step is to approach indirectly. If your approach is too direct early on, you risk stirring up a resistance that may never be lowered. Your moves should begin indirectly i.e. at an angle, so that the target will gradually start noticing you. At first, there must be no trace of seduction in your actions towards your target. You can seem to cultivate a neutral relationship and move gradually from friends to lovers. Make it seem like you and your targets were destined to become acquainted. Make them feel secured, then strike.

Make your targets think they are in control by making them do what you want them to without their realizing it. Because humans are creatures who cannot stand feeling that they are obeying someone else's will, you have to make them feel in total control because the moment they suspect that they are acting under your influence, they will become resentful and turn against you.

Basically, you must make your target come to you. To make them do this requires giving them space. This can be done in different ways. For example, you can haunt their existence's periphery, letting them notice you in different places but never approaching them. You will get their attention this way, and if they want to bridge the gap, they will have to come to you. You can even play cat and mouse with them by first seeming interested, then stepping back; luring them to follow you into your web.

Whatever seduction you are practicing, be it social, political or sexual seduction, you must at all cost avoid making the mistake of thinking that your target will loose interest unless you apply pressure, or that they will enjoy a flood of attention. Too much attention on your part can actually just suggest insecurity and raise doubt as to your motives. You have to take a step back and let the thoughts you are provoking come to them as if they are their own.

You should communicate frequently with your targets because your frequent conversations with them will bring you valuable information about their taste, weaknesses and the childhood yearnings that govern their adult behavior. Further more, by spending time with your targets you can make them comfortable with you. Believing you are interested only in their thoughts and company, they will lower their resistance. Now they are vulnerable to your seduction, for your friendship with them has opened the gate to their body and mind. At this point any offhand comment or slight physical contact, will spark a different thought, which will catch them off-guard. They Start feeling that there is something else between you. And once this feeling is stirred, they will start wondering why you haven't made a move, and will take the initiative themselves, enjoying the illusion they're in control.

In conclusion, there is nothing more effective in seduction than making the seduced think they are the seducer. {Excerpted from: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene}
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